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Skunkworx & Experimental Snowboards Have Moved...

After an encouraging first season in '22/'23, Skunkworx is now a sub-brand of Moonchild. Production shapes here still have unique characteristics but the truly experimental can be found at

Keep snowboards creative

Jure Sodja started exploring new and unique snowboard shapes in 2015. To this day, Skunkworx has produced 72 experimental snowboard designs and the majority of Moonchild's snowboard line is, in some way, based on those one of a kind snowboards and experimental shapes. Some of the experimental models are designed to push the boundaries of the future snowboarding, while others are more creative art protjects (but still totally functional on snow). Skunkworx vision is to develop and launch products that will keep snowboarding products and snowboarding creative and enjoyable in the years to come.

Below are some highlighted skunkworx projects.

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Bighorn Sheep

The Bighorn Sheep was the first experimental Moonchild model with a unique swallowtail and 3-pointed blunted nose. It was the starting point for all the future Moonchild shapes. You can recognize the same nose shape on the Malibu and Space Racer today. You can check them out below.

SPAWN of bighorn sheep



Mooncraft might look kinky (if you judge it by its square tips), but it has a smooth and blended sidecut radius which makes it (in combination with rockered profile and taper) one of the best powder boards. This also makes it a carving machine. We copied the sidecut radius and used it on the Space Racer and Malibu, with some adjustmensts to the taper. You can check them out below.

spawn of mooncraft



Starblind is a truly experimental snowboard. It has a triple reverse design. Reverse taper, a blend of traditional sidecut radius in the front and reverse in the back, and a reverse camber profile. Half of the topsheet is made with real denim fabric and the other half with a bamboo veneer. It rides with the nose well lifted in the pow and it turns easily with a simple pivot. The normal sidecut in the front enables the ability to maintain an edge when riding on groomers.....although, it can be a little tricky on bumpy uneven surface.


Vanilla Ice

This snowboard was designed and built for a snowboard exhibition. It was totally rideable on hard pack and pow. However, the tail was causing a little drag in the deep pow. We redesigned it slightly last season and built it as a custom board for a Japanese customer. 



Riding bindingless brings back all of the excitement you once had when you started snowboarding. Local hills become big mountains. As a nod to the early days (before $800 bibs), Moonsurf also has a real denim fabric for the topsheet.

After riding it for some seasons, the Moonsurf inspired us to build the Atlas Hybrid this season, its visible on the bottom of this page.


Spatula concept

When your wife sends you to the grocery store and you come back home with an interesting kitchen spatula that you have to build in a bigger scale and try it on snow.....Right? The Spatula (concept, just for fun) shape works perfectly fine on the groomers and also in dry pow. The slots slows you down a bit in wet pow, but it is what it is... fun & experimental. Watching pow spraying through the slots as you shred, is statisfying. It was totally worth building this piece of art.


X-51 Waverider

If every day were a powder day, the X-51 would be the only board you would need. The reverse sidecut boards are the most maneuverable and fun boards when riding pow. Riding them is very similar to surfing the waves, you turn them by pivoting. Unfortunately, reverse sidecut boards are not recommended on hard-pack, you can get seriously hurt!


Ice Cream theory

This ice cream cone-shaped board unlocks feelings that are the closest to a reverse sidecut snowboard. At the same time it´s still rideable on hardpack....big potential! We will build two improved prototypes for the 22/23 season. Skunkworx has plans to build this shape in limited numbers sometime soon.


Interstellar Transformer

Interstellar transformer was made for snowboarding and powsurfing. It turned out it was good for snowboarding only.

Not the best shape and not enough of setback for powsurfing.

Lesson learned new board made - check below Atlas Hybrid



CYBER ICRM is the evolution of the Ice Cream theory. It has completely straight edge. Skunkworx will produce this model in limited numbers for the 23/24 season.


Atlas Hybrid

Atlas Hybrid (prototype) is the wold's first hybrid snowboard.

Imagine hiking up with splitboard, riding powsurf where the pow is and where you come to hard pack transform it into a snowboard in less than a minute.

Imaging using a ski lift in snowboard mode and riding powsurf on the side where pow is on the way down. Hybrid is the future for all snowboard/ powsurf lovers.

This is the prototype, production will be set for the winter 23/ 24.

NFTs To The Moon, Hype Be Damned

"NFTs mean a whole new level of possibility. It is a unique environment where new ideas can be produced. NFTs evoke creativity and help push the boundaries of snowboard design like never before. By buying an NFT, you support starting the production of Skunkworx projects. Owning a Moonchild Snowboard NFT will give you a discount on one of future Skunkworx products. The NFTs themselves are also an investment, which will become more valuable over time and eventually, might be sold on the secondary market. We believe this is the future and the place where creativity meets technology! 🚀


Story behind Skunkworx NFTs


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