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Malibu made it once again to the list of top freeride snowboards for season 23/24 by Whitelines Magazine


Giving back to the Community

This is our contribution to the snowboard community. Our goal is to collaborate with riders that show snowboarding in its best light. We are grateful and proud of the collaborations we have done so far, many of them are riders that we admired and respected in our youth. There will be continuously new collaborations.

Ali Goulet

Ali Goulet is a snowboarding pioneer who helped pave the way for freestyle snowboarding. Some claims that Ali and Peter Line were the inventors of the inverted spins in the early 90s. Ali still has the skills decades later and we are really excited to have him on the Ambassador Team. We designed a Twin 149 for Ali with a defined flex pattern that can handle his inverted spins and creativity in the park and slopes.

Jeff Fulton

Jeff Fulton is one of the most legendary living snowboarders today, with more than 40 Years of riding. He was one of the first people to ride at Mt. Baker in the late 70s, he helped start the Mt. Baker Banked Slalom and was the founder of the MBHC. Mount Baker Hard Core was the most legendary crew of riders from the 80s including iconic riders like Craig Kelly, Dan Donnelly, Mike Ranquet, Carter Turk and Eric Swanson. We re-designed the Space Racer model to 155cm and used the iconic MBHC drawing for the topsheet graphics, made by the artist Norm Roque. We are offering the Live Wire 158 / MBHC edition for the season ´23/´ 24.

Live Wire MBHC Edition

Tarquin Robbins

As some of you know, Tarquin and his crew were the originators of style in snowboarding. They brought skate influenced tricks and fashion to an era full of day-glo outerwear and tight stances….a game changer. The graphics are our version of Tarquin´s iconic pro-models from the early 90s. Tarquin never really got the recognition for it, so this is our “All hail to Tarquin” tribute model.

Johan Olofsson

One of a kind split pow-surfer designed with Swedish snowboard legend Johan Olofsson. Johan is one of the all-time greatest European snowboarders. He is known for being the first to bring freestyle snowboarding into the big-mountains of Alaska and was featured in numerous iconic snowboard movies. Johan has been into powsurfing the last 15 years and really enjoys the bindingless movement.

Tina Basich

Tina Basich helped pave the way for women in snowboarding in the late 80s early 90s. She's also a lifelong artist and after her daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis, she started creating artwork incorporating images of her daughter’s spine, which she titled Scoliosis Warrior Art. We made this snowboard with Tina´s artwork as a donation for an auction hosted by B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer). This organisation helps with raising awareness and funds to educate and support those dealing with Breast Cancer. The board turned out beautiful and supported a great cause. For more info, enter

PJ Gustafsson Guest Model

PJ is a pro snowboarder and artist from Sweden. His controversial and provoking graphics has been very appreciated by the snowboard and skateboard community. PJ rides for Death Label snowboards, they are his extended family and supports him in any projects he gets involved in. PJ is a strong believer in equality and wanted to show his full support to the LGBTQ+ community with this board.


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