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Malibu made it once again to the list of top freeride snowboards for season 23/24 by Whitelines Magazine

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This board might work. Learn about Volume-Shifted Snowboards here or chat with us.

Zoom Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order
Zoom Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order
Zoom Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order
Zoom Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order

Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order

€629,00 EUR

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Moonchild Snowboards is dedicated to exploring the world with snowboard equipment and constantly improving the snowboarding experience for riders. So when the engineers from the biggest rocket company reached out to us, we were thrilled to collaborate.

Introducing the Mars Edition

In partnership with snowboard enthusiasts from aerospace industry, we've crafted the Malibu Mars Edition – designed to embody the spirit of exploration. This snowboard isn't just a piece of equipment; it's a symbol of ambition, innovation, and the relentless pursuit of exploration.

Ride with purpose

By choosing the Malibu Mars edition, you're not only embracing an exceptional ride but also aligning yourself with those who are actively shaping the future of humanity. Whether you're carving through powder or dreaming of distant planets, this snowboard is your companion in the quest for discovery.

The Starship topsheet graphics and Mars surface base graphics have been finalized by Moonchild's designer, Kevin McCarty.

The shape has been designed by Moonchild Snowboards.

Pre-order now and save

Now you can own and ride the same board as people whose mission is to make life multi-planetary.

Be among the first to experience the Malibu Mars edition by placing your pre-order.

Use code: GATEWAYTOMARS at checkout to enjoy an exclusive 10% discount. Don't miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary journey.

Estimated delivery: November 2024

About the Malibu

The Malibu is a volume-shifted board with a tapered shape, made for surfing the snow. The larger surface area distributed closer to the center and pintail make the board super maneuverable and at the same time stable when charging the pow.

The tapered outline make it laser fast going edge to edge on groomed slopes and the smooth side-cut transition at the nose prevents you from catching an edge, even when riding flat.

The Malibu is effortless to ride, and has become an instant favorite with our team riders and customers.

Legends like Ali Goulet, Kurt Heine, J.F Fortin, Trent Bush and Marc André Tarte use it as their daily driver. It's no coincidence that the Malibu made it in to Whitelines Magazine's  “TOP 7 freeride snowboards” two years in a row.



FLEX: 7/10
Profile: Mellow Camber/Surf Rocker
Glass: Biax/Biax
Base: P-Tex
Woodcore: Poplar/Aspen
Reinforcements: Carbon

Length: 155cm
Surface Area: 42dm2
Nose Width: 31,7cm
Waist Width: 26,6cm
Tail Width: 28,8cm

Max Boot Size: 45EU / US11
Rider Weight Range: 60-85kg / 132-187 lbs
Rider Height Range: 170-187cm / 5'7"-6'2"

Length: 158cm
Surface Area: 44dm2
Nose Width: 32,4cm
Waist Width: 27,2cm
Tail Width: 29,5cm

Max Boot Size: 46EU / US11
Rider Weight Range: 75-95kg / 165-210 lbs
Rider Height Range: 180-195cm / 5'11˝- 6'5"


All Moonchild snowboards have a two year warranty against manufacturer’s defects from the date of purchase. This warranty only covers defects in materials and workmanship. Normal wear and tear, excessive abuse or misuse by riding things other than snow will not be covered.

Looking for a different size? This board might work. Learn about Volume-Shifted Snowboards here or chat with us.

Malibu Mars Edition 155 / 158 / Pre-order

€629,00 EUR

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Where can I buy a Moonchild snowboard?

All products can be purchased through our online store. We don't work with distributors, retailers or physical stores for now.

Are Moonchild snowboards only designed for powder?

All our directional models are designed with powder in mind, however we have also designed them to hold a good carve on the groomers. Our Twin models are made for more resort riding....jumps, snowpark, carving, cruzing, jibs.

Where can I demo Moonchild Snowboards?

We don't offer Demo days at the moment, but if you´re living in Washington, Montana or Slovenia there is a chance for you to test some boards. You can get in contact with Jerry Wesley (Mt. Baker, WA), Jake Nelson (White Fish, MT) or Jure Sodja (Slovenia) and they will help you out.

We are working on a Demo tour for the U.S and European resorts for next season.

We recommend you to read all the customers feedback, descriptions and specs on the model you´re interested in before the purchase. You can also contact us and we will help you to find the right product that fits your height, weight and style of riding.

Can I get one of your production models in another length, width, flex or graphics?

Yes, we can build a customized snowboard for you, based on a production model. Check our Custom snowboards page.


From order to shipping:

First of all, we are not Amazon. We are a small company and humans. That means that we can't ship your product 5 minutes after you have placed the order. However, we will do our best and ship your order as soon as we can. In most cases, we will have the order shipped within 1-5 days.

There will be a tag on the product that indicates if the product is available or not, and as well when the product will be re-stocked and estimated shipping date.

From where will my snowboard be shipped?

Snowboard orders from North America will be shipped from our warehouse in Washington or Montana, USA.

Snowboard orders from Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand will be shipped from our warehouse in Spain or Slovenia.

You can personally collect the snowboard if you live in Washington, Montana, Slovenia or Spain.

Tracking your order:

We will send you the name of the parcel company and tracking number on e-mail after the order is shipped.


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